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Tax free shopping in Norway

In Norway, sales tax/VAT is given in the retail price makes up to 20% of the price tag. By making use of the TAX-FREE SHOPPING service, visitors can receive Cash Refund or price reduction at the time of leaving from Norway. There exist more than 3,000 shops across Norway that offer you TAX-FREE SHOPPING service and receive a 12 - 19% VAT refund when leaving the country.

Visit any store or shop in Norway and enquire about tax free shopping to the store. After then ask for Tax Free form at the register. Before visiting a store check the Norway Tax-Free Refund sign or logo in their window, on their door or on their counter and simply ask for a tax free form.

The following should be kept in mind for Tax free shopping:-

i) Goods should be exported in unused condition within 1 month from purchasing date.
ii) The Tax Refund Service will not be applicable for the people who are the inhabitants of Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.
iii) In order to avail a Tax Refund Check, the minimum purchase amount in one shop for should be NOK 315 on regular goods and NOK 285 on food.

How to get your refund
There will be approximately 55 refund points prevailing at various exits from Norway at airports, road borders, on board ferries and cruise ships.

Credit Card Refund
For prompt and hassle free refund state your credit card number on the Tax Free form and send it through mail in a Norway Refund envelope for a straight refund to your credit card.

Prepaid Refund
Receive your refund prepaid at Forex. Then deliver your forms at the Airport.

Cash Refund
Visit any of the Forex city cash refund points in Oslo and receive your prepayment in cash. Norway Tax-Free form should be submitted within 30 days from payment along with the approved export verification. In case of any failure, the full VAT amount will be deducted from your credit card account.

Norwegian Global Refund cheques can be en-cashed at most of the large airports in Europe as a part of Global Refund's network of Cash Refund Offices along with the countries outside Europe including Japan, Singapore, Korea and China.

At the time of visiting the Cash Refund Counter, you should have kept the following with you :-

i) Your goods
ii) Your Global Refund Cheque
iii) Your passport/ID

Norwegian Custom Authorities do not deal with the Global Refund Service and will not be in a position to stamp Global Refund Cheques issued in Norway or any other country.

Additional refund points
Bergen Airport Flesland
Trollsweaters Eidsfjord

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