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VAT returns and payment obligations

In Norway vat registered persons are compelled to submit their VAT returns and disburse VAT within stipulated accounting periods.

Non-registered taxable persons and public institutions are eligible to reimburse VAT while purchasing services from overseas should make an application to the Tax Office for a VAT return form.

The VAT return comprises a section which summarizes the VAT calculation and a payment section. The former section must be completed and submitted to a central office in Mo i Rana by the stipulated deadline. Business accounts form the basis for the completion of the VAT return.

Norwegian taxable persons can submit VAT returns through online at
To avail this service one should log in with own birth registration number or D-number and a PIN code. After giving the birth registration number or D-number you will be provided with a PIN code. A letter consists of numerous PIN codes will be forwarded to the address mentioned in the national register. A PIN code is valid for one time. Next time another PIN code is required in the PIN code letter.

Specified persons in a company can only get the opportunity to submit VAT returns online at For companies coming up with limited liability, the managing director and the chairman of the board can avail the first time right of entry. For companies having unlimited liability, the owner or partners can get the first time access.

Bi-monthly returns
Returns must be submitted for the given periods:

1st period – January/February
2nd period – March/April
3rd period – May/June
4th period – July/August
5th period – September/October
6th period – November/December

It is always recommended to submit a VAT return if the supply becomes zero for the period.
The Tax Office will accept the VAT return in one month and ten days of the end of each period. On the other hand the deadline for the 3rd period is going to be August 31. The date stamp should not surpass this deadline if return is submitted by means of post.

One can submit the return in alternative periods if he gets the permission form The Tax Office in some special cases. If input tax goes beyond the output tax by 25 per cent or more on a regular basis, the year is divided into 12 periods. Alternatively if input tax goes beyond the output tax by 50 per cent or more, permission will be given for even shorter periods.

Quarterly returns
Norwegian taxable persons and public institutions that are engaged in importation of services form overseas and that are unregistered for VAT will be qualified for quarterly VAT returns (every three months). VAT returns will not be submitted for periods if VAT amount is below NOK 500.
Here the deadline is calculated as one month and ten days after the end of the three-month period.

Payment and refund of VAT
Deadline for outstanding VAT return - one month and ten days after the end of the period, or three months and ten days for registered persons belong to agriculture, forestry and fisheries.

No VAT liability will be raised for non-registered taxable persons and public institutions making transaction from overseas if the taxable amount for the period goes below NOK 500.

If a registered person is eligible for VAT refund (credit return), the amount has to be paid within three weeks of receipt of the VAT return.

The Norwegian Tax authorities have the ability to take the surcharge of greater than three per cent of output tax if a VAT return includes formal errors or is not submitted within the deadline. The amount of penalty may vary between minimum of NOK 250 and maximum of NOK 5000.

In the case of unsent, incorrect or incomplete VAT returns the Tax Office will settle on the amount of VAT by discretion.

In the case of infringement of the VAT Act, surtax may be imposed. In serious cases the surtax may be increased up to 100 per cent.

Registered persons engaged with small business can submit their returns for VAT annually (annual year-end returns) subject to the condition that their supplies remain below NOK 1 million annually.

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